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Symposium by

The Department of CSE

Easwari Engineering College


The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Easwari Engineering College has long since held a position that bespoke excellence and zeal.
The department staunchly believes in the inculcation of the spirit of innovation along with academics. To intertwine the two, the department encourages among the students, the conduction and participation of workshops, tech fests and symposiums.
It firmly believes that literature alone cannot bridge the gap to enlightenment but requires the mortar of practical implementation to strengthen the foundation.


Kratos, the national level technical symposium organized by the department of Computer Science engineering, represents the mantle of pride of CSE.
Emblazoned by the mighty lion, with a vivid mane, the Kratos strives to be just as fierce and bold. The symposium integrates a plethora of technical and non technical events; each crafted and designed to ignite the minds of our participants and tailored to illuminate their knowledge all the while indulging in an atmosphere of fun and merriment.
At Kratos, we believe in simulating the minds of the future engineers today, to shape a better future for tomorrow.



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